Our sanctuary is reserved for those cats rescued within Calvert county that are too feral to be placed in any other setting. It covers nearly 200 acres of woods where deer and wild turkey coexist with the cats. Volunteers are on site daily, bringing fresh food and water. Cats placed here are completely vetted and must reside in a gated enclosure for 2 weeks before being allowed to investigate their new surroundings.

We’ve designed raccoon proof platform feeders. After discovering that raccoons cannot jump up more than 3 feet, all our feeders are set at this height, away from overhanging branches or trees. Venture scouts and other volunteers have built insulated sleeping boxes that can accomodate as many as 6 cats at a time. These snuggle boxes are arranged inside 3-sided enclosures that are roofed and tarped to keep them dry and warm.

Thanks to a Petsmart grant, our volunteers can easily travel the sanctuary on a John Deere gator as we patrol, monitor and maintain the trails and habitats.

Volunteers pick a day and feed once a week. Arrangements may be possible to feed one day every other week or once a month. If you are interested, please email